Connie Schneider, Partner

Connie is a graduate of University of Missouri-Columbia and started her career as a classroom teacher.  After earning a Masters Degree in Counseling, she decided to change her career path to financial services.  She joined AXA Advisors, LLC in 1987 and and obtained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM certification in 1990.  She has earned numerous awards including the AXA Centurion award and is a member of the AXA Hall of Fame.  She joined Evergreen Wealth Strategies as a Partner in January 2014.

Connie enjoys helping people understand financial matters so that they become independent, self-aware and confident.   “I educate my clients and paint a comprehensive picture to better understand where they are today and help formulate personal financial goals for the future”.

Connie and her husband, Ken enjoy traveling and hiking and have visited 58 of the 59 National Parks.